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Curtis- VanCity
White parent lectures: Don't ever do that again *takes phone away. (5 minute lecture)
Asian parent lectures: Are you stupid? Don't ever do that again! *compares you to other people* *goes off topic* *talking nonsense* *comes back on topic* *compares you again* *goes off topic* etc. (2 hour lecture)


People are forever posting quotes about life and how its so much deeper.

Life isnt much at all… have 70-100 years on average (if you get there) to do the things you want to do whether that be devoting your life to religion or science or something else.

You work since you need cash for living or the luxuries if thats what youre after.

You care towards your loved ones, whether they be human beings or pets.

Thats life.

Not all that much.

if you’re a sarcastic asshole come sit with me because i’m one too 

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